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Favorite sight's for patch's and add-on's


Basic Patch's and Program's
Favorite sight's for patch's and add-on's
More great link's
Information on the game
WW I French fighter's
WW I German fighter's
WW I Great Britian fighter's
WW I Italian and Austrian fighter's
More Great photo's
Raider's Red Baron 3D Help Sight


As promised here are some great link's to some wonderfull sight's , most of them consisting of add on patch's from sound to graphic's ,way's of painting your plane's just all kind's of great thing's that are avaible to this game . A big plus is most of the sight's are belonging to pilot's that fly in Red Baron .

Baron Von Benz's sight

patch's add-on's

Beery's sight

Home of the famous Beery super patch , numerious add-on's for terrain to newplane stuff

Blackjack's sight

numerious add-on's patch's


Cam Riley's 3D art attack

patch's add-on's flander's field patch

Cuda's gun-sight's

Custom gun-sight's

Flybert's sight

Numerious patch's , part's for plane's MMP custom squadron paint's

Garp's Hangar

Home of the famous flame's patch , patch's add-on's

Gump's sight

Patch's , add-on's , great place for paint info

Icky's sight

Patch's , add-on's

Midnight Mike's sight

Patch's , add-on's


Be sure to check out the following page for more great link's and pic's