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Basic Patch's and Program's


Basic Patch's and Program's
Favorite sight's for patch's and add-on's
More great link's
Information on the game
WW I French fighter's
WW I German fighter's
WW I Great Britian fighter's
WW I Italian and Austrian fighter's
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Raider's Red Baron 3D Help Sight

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Welcome to my basic patch page . Here you will be able to dwn-load some basic patch's needed in the game and also a few great program's , mined you these are only the basic's later on you may want to check out some of the link's I've furnished , there you will find all kind's of great add on's.

Well the most important patch there is , is called the 1078 mmp patch . This patch will enable you to play Red Baron 3D online , with out it you won't be able to . It's a self installing patch which make's it even easier just dwn-load and click ....

rb3d 1078 mmp patch enable's you online


The next patch you might consider dwn-loading , will enable you to have gun sight's in the game . So that way you can zero in on your fellow pilot's , it's called Von Braun's gun sight's it's pretty easy to dwn-load . Upon dwn-loading just open it to your Sierra/RedBaron3D folder that's it , then go into that folder and pick which gunsight you want to use . You will be able to use it in your single or multi player game .

Von Braun's gun sight's

Here is a patch that I found on one of the sight's , that will save you from wearing out your valuable Red Baron 3D cd , every time you play mmp or single player . please read enclosed read me file .

RB3D No-cd patch

The main program that most of us use for this game other than few other's is called WinZip .. With this program you'll be able to dwn-load zip file's , as you get familar with RB 3D there are a lot of add on's for this game and most of them come in zip file's . This program is small in size just dwn-load and click it will guide you through the set up also read the read me file inclosed with it

WinZip for zip file dwn-load's

To make this page easy to scan, I might list all the games I've reviewed here.




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