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Information on the game


Basic Patch's and Program's
Favorite sight's for patch's and add-on's
More great link's
Information on the game
WW I French fighter's
WW I German fighter's
WW I Great Britian fighter's
WW I Italian and Austrian fighter's
More Great photo's
Raider's Red Baron 3D Help Sight

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Welcome once again!!!! When I first discovered this game, I had never played a flight simulation game before let a lone thought that I would , but nothing ventured nothing gained so I took a chance one day , As I was strolling down one of the asile's of my local computer store I came across this very appealing looking box on the shelf. Red Baron hmmm I thought to myself well what the hey Well after that I was hooked


The following information provided you might find within the hand book , other stuff was handed down to me from seasoned veteran pilot's . As alway's I'll be trying to keep all this info updated as much as possible .