Raider's Red Baron 3D Help Sight
Basic Patch's and Program's
Favorite sight's for patch's and add-on's
More great link's
Information on the game
WW I French fighter's
WW I German fighter's
WW I Great Britian fighter's
WW I Italian and Austrian fighter's
More Great photo's


Welcome one and all to my help site!


Salute to one and all !! This Sight is primarly built for the new person to the Great Game we all play called RedBaron3D . It contain's help feature's for the newbee to get up and running with in the game , basic patch's program's and the never ending link's that we have established through out the year's . I hope that the senior ace pilot's will find something here for them too !! As alway's God's speed , good hunting and Salute ... Raider34

I love gaming, and so I've created this site to share my passion. Here you'll find some basic information on the game of RB3D , Pleanty of cool link's to the game , Some great picture's and as alway's I'll be adding on....and on and on ..


Herr Red Baron

Clipart of a computer; Actual size=140 pixels wide

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